Easy to grow? Check. Beautiful? Check. Great for beginners? Check. If you are looking for something unique that is fuss-free and well suited for plarents of all experience levels, the Philodendron Burle Marx is the one for you!

We love the Philodendron Burle Marx because it’s an easy-to-grow, beautiful tropical plant that requires little care. This plant can be trained to climb so you can either maintain its bushy appearance or provide a moss pole for it to grow in height.


Keep these guys happy by giving them bright, indirect light or morning sun. It is tolerant of low to medium light as well. The more light there is, the bigger the leaves. Do note that if placed in a low-light spot, new leaves will be smaller than existing leaves.


This fellow is drought-tolerant when established. If not, water when top two inches of soil is dry. Do not let it dry out completely.


The Philodendron Burle Marx thrive in moist, well-draining soil with high organic matter. Use regular potting mix with some additional sphagnum peat moss to retain moisture and some compost to increase organic matter. Mucky or sandy soils are a big no-no.


They are tropical plants and are not a fan of the cold weather (nothing less than 16ºc). Keep them away from cold drafts and well-protected indoors during summer. They aren’t humidity snobs so they are okay with dry air. However, they will appreciate a mist or two from time to time.


These hardy plants are not known to have major pest problems. A good wipe down with some neem oil or mild soapy water every couple of months should be more than enough to keep pests away.


These plants are fast-growers, be prepared to prune them back when they get a little unruly.


Feed them during growing season (warmer temperatures). Simply refer to the instructions on your fertiliser product and halve the amount of fertilizer required to reduce the risk of fertilizer burn.


Philodendrons are probably the easiest plants to propagate. Simply take a pair of scissors, cut a piece of stem about 3 inches long and place the cutting in water or moist potting soil. Be sure to make the cut just above another leaf. Rooting hormones can be used, but are not necessary. Ensure that the cutting has bright, indirect sunlight and let the magic happen. If doing water propagation, remember to transfer it to soil once the roots are about an inch long. (The longer the roots grow in water, the harder it will be for them to adjust back to soil.)


Check the drainage hole(s) to see if roots are starting to outgrow its container. If you see roots, simply loosen the soil around the plant, pull it out, gently remove excess soil from its roots, place it in a slightly larger container and top it up with soil. If you don’t see roots but get a sense that the soil is tired or worn out, go ahead and repot it with fresh soil in its current pot. As their roots grow fairly fast, they should be repotted once every 1-2 years.


All parts of the plant are highly toxic when consumed. Make sure to keep it away from the mouths of your furry babies and children!

Do you have photos of your climbing Philodendron Burle Marx? We would love to see them!

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